14 December 2010

The benefits of Hardwood Flooring for Allergies

The medical dictionary defines hypoallergenic as ‘having little likelihood of causing an allergic response\' and many actions can reduce the triggers of asthma and other allergies. First it is necessary to identify the triggers, if they are considered to be allergens such as pollen, dust mites or pet hair then changing your floors to a polished hardwood floor can help alleviate asthma causes.   Dr Rob Danoff who writes for MSN health and fitness explains 'Dust mites feed on shed flakes of human skin. They can be found on pillows, bedding, mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, carpet and even Fluffy, your child\'s soft toy. We actually breathe in the mite\'s fecal matter and decaying body parts. Certainly gross to think about, but for those with asthma who are sensitive to these allergens, dust mites can cause genuine trouble' What is the Doctor\'s solution to this sickening image of dust mites? 'Remove carpets and install polished flooring.'

Another source that looks into the cause more impersonally is the parliamentary paper on ‘Indoor Allergens and Asthma\' (2000). It cites that the doubling of cases of asthma in the UK could be due to indoor allergens. It highlights that an effective measure to remove mite habitats such as soft furnishings, is to change to something impenetrable such as wood flooring, which is action Asthma UK, the registered charity, also supports.

 If you or your family members do suffer from asthma then, as all trusted evidence suggests, perhaps a wood floor is the way to go. Other than being a reliever of asthmatic symptoms, wood floors are also considered aesthetically nicer then carpets and will often increase the value of a home. They are also easier to clean, again helping with the allergies and are also more durable. If looked after properly the benefits of installing a wood floor are numerous, as a May 2010 Mintel report on ‘Carpets and Floor coverings\' states that the added insulation helps with sound proofing and energy saving which in turn lowers your household bills.

Using the correct underlay in combination with your wood floor will help to securely insulate your home from sound, cold, moisture and will eliminate the issues often cited with wood floors, namely that they are cold, noisy and difficult to look after. Relieves allergies and lowers your bills, what more do you need from your wood floor!
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/interior-design-articles/the-benefits-of-hardwood-flooring-for-allergies-3837114.html

About the Author
Jordan Stavrinou is the Managing Director of Jordan Andrews Ltd; London\'s leading hardwood flooring company. With 20 years in the hardwood and construction industry and a team of industry professionals, Jordan is considered an expert in his field. Visit http://www.jordanandrews.com/ for all your hard wood flooring needs.

Wood Floor Underlay: How to choose the right Wood Floor Underlay

Underlay is commonly used in conjunction with the engineered wood floor laying method of floating. Solid floor can be floated either through clip or a click system, though at Jordan Andrews we prefer using a slotted matt underlay which allows the boards to be glued through the slots to the sub-floor or the underlay Elastilon, which is an adhesive underlay.
Underlay is used to combat moisture, reduce noise impact for floors in busy households or flats and can be used in combination with underfloor heating to help with insulation and improve the evenness of a floor.

What are the different types of wood floor underlay?
Poly-foam underlays
Our poly-foam underlay ranges are composed from lightweight closed cell polyethylene foam which is 100recyclable. They offer excellent acoustic and thermal insulation and are suitable for underfloor heating. They all combat unevenness in the sub-floor surface, are dust free and easy to lay. The foam with the foil layer also acts as a vapour barrier. These underlays are suitable for floated engineered and laminate wood floors.

Sponge rubber underlays
These underlays are a high density resilient sponge rubber. These underlays offer the best in sound proofing insulation and reduce in room and impact noise. They also protect against moisture when used with vapour stop tape and provide excellent sub-floor masking for minor sub-level imperfections. They are suitable for floated laminate and engineered wood flooring.
The Duralay heatflow is designed specifically for underfloor heating as it doesn\'t absorb the heat as much and conducts through the flooring to provide greater warmth.

Adhesive underlay
Adhesive underlay is for solid wood flooring and is similar to floating as it allows the seasonal movement of the boards whilst including all the sound and insulation benefits of a good underlay. The wooden boards are pressed together on an elastic adhesive mat which has been previously rolled out and then the protective layer between the floor and the mat is removed. This can be a good method of installing a solid wood floor in apartment building as no nails are used which can transfer the noise through the sub-floor.

Slotted mat underlay
Slotted mat underlay is another alternative for solid wood flooring and can achieve a high level of noise reduction making it suitable for upstairs rooms or flats. The underlay is 3mm thick chemically cross linked closed cell polyolefin foam specially developed and designed for use as an acoustic underlay for solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

Damp-proof underlay
The studded membrane of the underlay has a high water vapour resistance manufactured from polypropylene. The studs provide shock absorption and a controlled deformation always less than 2mm. This underlay provides walking comfort, sound insulation, suitable for underfloor heating and has a first-rate protection against moisture. It is designed for laying on concrete and suitable for floated engineered flooring. We also have a stick down studded underlay which can be used for solid wood floors and would need to be fully adhered.
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/diy-articles/wood-floor-underlay-how-to-choose-the-right-wood-floor-underlay-3303435.html

About the Author
Jordan Stavrinou is the Managing Director of Jordan Andrews Ltd; London\'s leading hardwood flooring company. With 20 years in the hardwood and construction industry and a team of industry professionals, Jordan is considered an expert in his field. Visit http://www.jordanandrews.com/ for all your hard wood flooring needs.

3 August 2010

Woodfloorsonlinecouk gets a turquoise star on e-bay!

woodfloorsonlinecouk our e-bay shop has received a turquoise star certificate from e-bay for our one hundredth positive feedback rating! Visit our shop for the latest deals and new products.

22 July 2010

Solid Oak Pipe Roses

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it......or a solid oak pipe rose to be exact! So you have gone out and installed a beautiful bespoke hardwood floor and are now looking at the unsightly 10mm required gap around the base of the radiator pipe. The gaps function is so that the pipes won't be damaged when the floor expands and contracts from seasonal movement, however the gaps are now filling with dust and ruining the appearance of your floor.

Get online and click to order a pack of our oak pipe roses. Two pipe roses come in the pack and you can chose from pre-finished; ash, beech, cherry, iroko, merbau, oak, walnut and unfinished oak pipe roses. And all for only £6.95+VAT now there's no excuses!

How to clean up an old floor.

Following on from Phil Spencer's advice in our previous post, here's a short guide on how to go about cleaning up a discovered floor.

Depending on what state the timber is in it might just need a polish. In which case a few coats of Carl's wood floor polish using Carl's 407mm oil pad will bring out the woods warmth and natural colour.

However if the floor is water damaged, like this parquet

and this water damaged hardwood maple floor
then the best course of action is to first sand the floor using a Bona belt floor sanding machine (which can be hired with a refundable deposit or bought from woodfloors-online) and to combine it with an edger machine, such as the Bona edger standard arm. You will then need to buffer the floor using the Bona buffer duo.

To produce a pleasing end result you can lacquer or stain the floor. To lacquer the floor you should first apply a primer. There are several reasons for applying a primer to the floor, Richard one of Woodfloors-onlines' flooring specialists explains that a floor absorbs the primer which in turn helps the lacquer adhere to the floor. Not only is primer cheaper then lacquer it will also make the lacquer go further and comes recommended as a practice by the manufacturer. We stock both Bona and Uzin primers.

You can then apply a mat, silk or gloss lacquer from the Bona lacquer range to finish the floor, though it will require one last go on the buffer to smooth out any bubbles on the floor.

If you would prefer to stain the floor then a wood ageing agent will give a nice natural hue to the floor, such as from the Blanchon range.

All products mentioned are available on woodfloors-online.com

Phil Spencer reveals how a hardwood floor can add value to your home

Phil Spencer from the hit TV show Location Location offers some pearls of wisdom to Telegraph readers on how a hardwood floor can add value to your home. 
In a recent online article Phil offers some tips on how improving your home can add value in the long run and in a market in which people are moving less, this might be a good thing.

Solid, hard-wearing wooden floors appeal to Phil who thinks they can be applied to many rooms, particularly family homes. The main living area of the house will benefit from a durable wood floor as Phil explains "This has to be a lot more relaxing than hovering with a damp cloth and bottle of carpet-stain remover.” Also in terms of return for your money Phil reasons that "wooden flooring is one of those features that appeals to just about everyone when it comes time to sell as well."

However before you think about spending money on a new floor, Phil suggests you take up a bit of the existing carpet and check what is underneath. You might be lucky enough to discover decent wood hidden below which can be kept and improved.

See our next post on how to treat a discovered floor!

14 July 2010

The Leica lads come to Jordan Andrews

Lasers were flashing around the room and the crowd ‘ooh’d’ and ‘ahh’d’ as two experts made the lights dance. No the Woodfloors-online team hadn’t gone clubbing down the west end, they had invited the Leica GeoSystems demonstrators down to present their new range of Leica laser distance meters.

The Leica team displayed how the Leica Disto could measure small to great distances, even those at an awkward angle or with obstructions.

The compact display screen showed a range of useful information from the dimension of the room and the angle information to room angles.

Best of all this nifty gadget is splash and dust proof as well as being able to take a few knocks.

This video clip shows the Leica laser distance meter off in all its glory.

28 April 2010

Hardwood Flooring Installation Problems

Q. My floor has colour variations - is this normal?

A. Hardwood flooring is a natural product, and will therefore have naturally occurring variation in the grain over time. In most cases, this adds to the character of the floor, and is highly desirable. Lower grades of flooring will have a larger number of character blemishes, but you can expect colour variations in all grades, even Select and Superior.

Q. The floor beneath my rug is lighter than the exposed floor, what can I do?

A. It is normal for hardwood floors exposed to sunlight to lighten over a period of time, leaving darker areas where there has been less sunlight exposure. To prevent obvious tone differences, it is best to rotate rugs and furniture so that the flooring gets an equal amount of sun exposure. Most differences in colouration from light exposure will eventually fade away.

Q. I have a scratch in my hardwood floor - can this be fixed?

A. This is one of the toughest questions in hardwood floors because the answer is generally "No". Floor finish does not lend itself to be "spot repaired" similar to that of a scratch in the paint of your car. The correct way to fix scratches is by repairing the area and recoating the adjoining floors (which often extends into many other rooms).
The reason for this is that new finish will be different in colour and sheen that the old finish due to the natural effects of time and wear, and could look worse than the scratch did initially. By adding more finish in only a specific area, a flow or finish line will also inevitably be created that can be seen and felt. Spot fixes should be applied more artistically than mechanically, as they are by no means an exact science.

Since recoating entire floors is not always an option and spot repairs can be a tricky prospect (and don't guarantee perfection), the best idea is to contact us as hardwood professionals, for the best solution in your case.

Q. My floor squeaks - what shall I do?

A. Hardwood floors will all eventually develop some sort of squeak in them at some point. This is because they are nailed to a subfloor - a wooden structure made of underlay, wood and joists. The nails are an efficient and cost effective way of fastening but - when wood expands and contracts with the various seasonal humidity changes, the holes around the nails can also expand and contract. As we use and walk on the floors we continue to loosen them by jiggling them ever so slightly each time we use them.

Your floors may squeak more in one season than another, like winter as we use more heating, causing the hardwood floor strips to dry out and shrink. In newer floors it can sometimes be the result of your floors shifting due to changing humidity. This can be avoided by maintaining an equal humidity level throughout the year.
Sanding and finishing will not cure a squeaky floor, however, certain steps can be taken to remedy it:

• Humidify the house during the heating season and dehumidify during the summer, humid months.

• Shims can be driven between the sub floor and joists to create a swelling at the spot that the squeak occurs.
• In some cases the floors can be secured by adding screws underneath the floor in problem areas.

Q. What potential moisture problems should I look out for?
A. Cupping and crowning are caused when water is trapped between the wood floor and the sub-floor. This effect causes the board to warp creating convex or concave shaping. When this imbalance in moisture occurs, it is essential that the boards dry evenly; if not, cupping or crowning can appear. It is also recommended therefore that you do not install hardwood floors in bathrooms for this reason.

27 April 2010

Woodfloors Heating Underlay

The Heatflow range of underlays manufactured for interfloor are specifically designed for use with normally operating underfloor heating systems and will not be adversely affected when used at elevated temperatures over prolonged periods of time i.e. they will not produce odours or degrade. We define normally operating underfloor heating systems as those which produce floor surface temperatures of not more than 29 degree C for central areas and 35 degree C for peripheral areas.

The thermal resistance characteristics of wood laminate flooring and underlays need to be taken into consideration when they are to be fitted on top of underfloor heating systems.
Duralay Heatflow Underlay, have lower tog ratings which allow the warmth generated by the underfloor heating to pass quickly into the room. Making them the ideal choice for installations with underfloor heating and wooden floors. Manufactured from high density rubber, it is ideal for domestic and contract installations.

Made from recycled rubber crumb, suitable for domestic and contract use. Provides an excellent sub-floor masking, for minor surface level imperfections. Simple, quick and easy to install.

New Classics parquet floors at Woodfloors online

New Classics, authenticity in a contemporary interior.

New Classics features a collection of classic patterns, inspired by stylish architectural elements from the 19th century.

A floor from this collection lends a certain elegance to an interior. It is a conscious decision to choose proven forms of luxury and romance.

New Classics forms the foundation of a personal style, a comfortable exclusivity.

This range combines historical designs with a contemporary twist. The beautiful 19th century styled floors have the look and design of a solid floor but in fact are Engineered Hardwood Floors.

These floors are designed for practicality and are suitable for Underfloor Heating.

Available at Woodfloors-online are the Versailles Louvre Black Oak and Versailles Oak Smoked.

1 April 2010

Maintenance for Lacquered Floors

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your wooden floor looking attractive for years to come. Cleaning wooden floors used to be a chore. The traditional way is to use a mop and a bucket with the general household cleaner mixed with water. Not any more! With a new Bona Wood Floor Cleaner, you just spray the floor and wipe it clean.

Because wood is different from other flooring materials, it requires special cleaning and maintenance products to retain its beauty. Bona has the complete answer; the bona floor care range, based on 80 years' experience of taking care of wooden floors. Professional flooring contractors, cleaning companies and architects rely on our products because they are made especially for wooden floors.

Maintenance of Lacquered Floors:

An effective maintenance programme will keep the floor clean and looking as good as possible, the following information is designed to provide a starting point for such a programme and is appropriate for both commercial and domestic floors. However, all floors are unique and will require assessment because of the factors affecting them will vary. Changes in traffic levels and seasonal changes will also need to be taken into consideration, for example, additional matting may be required during periods of snow or heavy rain. The frequency of any maintenance should reflect the use of the floor, and should be altered accordingly.

An effective maintenance regime should consist of:

1.Dry Cleaning: Floors should be cleaned daily using dry cleaning methods, such as vacuum, scissor mop or soft broom. It is important to remove any abrasive particles of grit or dirt which may scratch the floor seal when trafficked under footwear, chair legs, and other items moved across the floor.

2.Damp Cleaning: Soluble dirt should be removed by cleaning using the Bona Care Spray System or mop and bucket using the Diluted Bona Cleaner System.

3.Additional Cleaning: Timber Floors in commercial areas may often become contaminated with grease from food, sweat, or residue from other sources, may require additional cleaning to remove these materials. Cleaning using the Bona Remover will remove these non-soluble materials and restore slip resistance of the floor seal.

4.Further Protection: Traditionally floors would be treated with wax-based polish to offer additional protection to the floor seal. However, once this has occurred the floor can not receive further coats of lacquer without sanding the floor back to bare wood. An alternative is Bona Freshen Up. This polyurethane maintainer should be applied, by mop or cloth, when the floor seal appears dull due to minor scratches. This should be used following regular cleaning. On a new or recently finished floor Bona Freshen Up would be applied when the first signs of wear become visible (i.e. a dulling of the surface)

Bona care Spray

•Dilution: Ready to Use. Do not dilute

•Coverage Rate: 250m² per Litre

•Pack Size: 1 Litre and 4 Litre Refill

Bona Cleaning Kit

•Dilution: Ready to Use. Do not dilute

•Coverage Rate: 250m² per Litre

•Contents: 1 Bona Care Spray 1L

•Bona Mop - Bona Mop Head and 3 Piece Pole

•Bona Cleaning Pad

Bona Cleaner

•Dilution: Normal Cleaning - 50ml/10L

•Very Dirty Floors - 100ml/10L

•Shelf Life: At least 2 Years

•Pack Size: 1 Litre and 5 Litre

Bona Freshen Up

•Dilution: ready to Use. Do not Dilute

•Coverage: 30-50m² per Litre

•Shelf Life: Two Years from date of production

•Pack Size: 1 Litre and 5 Litres

19 March 2010

A brand new addition to Woodfloor's online Laminate Collection

Welcome to the world of Sensa, a brand new addition to woodfloors-online Laminate collection.
All Sensa laminate flooring is produced in the heart of the German forests nearby the raw material.
This means quality first with respect for the environment.
The ranges we have available from Sensa Laminate collection are:

Sensa Natural Prestige:
Pure and authentic top notch with a real wood finish.

Sensa Urban Loft:
Trendy and unique match fitting your personality.

Sensa Traditional Vintage:
The most beautiful oak collection in the world.

Sensa Supreme Tiles:
Real and pure emotion of an authentic tile look.

15 March 2010

Extensive range of brands available at Woodfloors-Online

At Woodfloors-online we stock an extensive range of the most respected and well-known Wood Flooring industry brand names in the world, including Barlinek, Blanchon, Bona, Carls, Exterpark Decking, Festool, Heatflow, Isola, Pallmann, Powernail, Rewmar, Morrells, Technics 5, Timbermate, Unika and Weitzer Parkett, plus many more.

All of our products are trusted and tested by industry professionals, giving you the high level of quality you require for your hardwood flooring needs.

12 March 2010

Our amazing Special Offers!

First and most our latest special offer, a great saving of 31% on Solido Miami Pine laminate - It was £27.05, now it is £18.62 + VAT, basically £6.99 per m2 + VAT. A true bargain!

It is part of our special offer range.

Sensa, Solido, Miami Pine is a No V-Groove Bevel plank, 9mm thick, 195mm width and a 1290mm length and 9 planks per pack (2.26395m²).

What about the rest of our amazing special offers?

A massive saving of 45% on Acoustic White foam underlay 10m2!

Acoustic White is composed from lightweight closed cell polyethylene foam which is 100% recyclable.
The excellent thermal and sound insulating properties of this product makes this one of the best value-for-money underlays in the market.

Check the rest of our unbeatable special offers here!

Maintenance tips for oiled floors

Oiled Floors offer a unique appearance. This is produced as oil penetrates the wood and gradually cures. Instead of a surface coating, as with a lacquered floor, the wooden surface is still exposed producing a natural and warm appearance. Oil can be leached from the wood producing a ‘dry’ appearance. When this has occurred the surface can be more sensitive to spills of liquids. Fortunately, oiled floors are simple to maintain and repair which can be very useful in situations where time is limited for refurbishment and where it is not possible to remove floors from use extended periods.

There are three distinct areas which form the key to having an attractive and long lasting wooden floor.

1. Correct initial treatment. i.e. uniform saturation of the timber surface with oil.
2. Effective, regular cleaning.
3. Correct periodic maintenance using a maintenance oil.

Initial Treatment Using Bona Carl’s Oils

It is important that the wooden surface is saturated with oil during application. This is achieved by applying the correct number of coats which can vary according to timber species. After each coat has been applied the floor should be assessed. If areas develop which appear to be drier than others it indicates that a uniform level of saturation has not been attained, and further oil is needed. As a guide two or three applications would usually suffice.

It is important that following application of the oil that all the excess is removed from the wooden surface. If excess oil dries on the surface as a coating it will produce an uneven, shiny appearance. If this occurs the surface coating can be removed by treatment using Carl’s 25.

Regular Cleaning
By choosing the correct cleaning method and cleaning regularly, the time between applications of maintenance oil can be lengthened considerably. This will result in the floor looking better and will be more economical in the long term.

Suitable Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning/dry mopping
Damp mopping with Carl’s Oil
Spray buffing with Carl’s Cleaner Dry buffing

Dry mopping: Abrasive particles of grit and dirt should be removed daily. This will prevent excessive scratching to the wooden surface and minimise the production of dust. In domestic settings a vacuum cleaner/flat headed mop/broom should be used.

Damp Mopping: Once the floor is dust and dirt free any remaining stains can be removed by damp mopping using Bona Carl’s Cleaner. This can be done as and when necessary. This would be a suitable approach for floors in domestic settings. N.B A minimum quantity of liquid should be applied to wooden floors during cleaning to prevent damage.

Spray Buffing: To effectively clean large, heavily trafficked areas a spray buff system should be employed. A buffing machine should be fitted with a red or green pad (depending on the level of soiling), with Carl’s Cleaner applied with a spray bottle in the path of the machine. Cleaning pads should be changed once dirty. Dirty pads can have an abrasive effect and scratch the surface. The frequency of this procedure will be determined by the trafficking regime and usage of the floor, and should be altered accordingly. In some situations it may be required daily.

Dry buffing: Following spray buffing or reapplication of oil, the floor may be buffed with a dry, lint free cloth beneath the cleaning pad. This will raise the sheen of the floor surface slightly.

Periodic Maintenance Using Carl’s 25
When an oiled floor begins to look ‘dry’, and becomes lighter in appearance it would indicate that oil from the initial treatment has become leeched from the wood by foot trafficking and wet method of maintenance.

Now is the time to re-introduce further quantities of oil. This process can be useful for removing stubborn stains in addition to restoring the floor to its original appearance. The frequency of this process will be determined by the level of trafficking and the type of use of the floor. In a low traffic domestic setting this may be necessary once a year, or less. In a very high traffic scenario it may be necessary several times a month. Each situation is different and the frequency of maintenance adjusted according to the trafficking regime of the floor.

The floor should be thoroughly cleaned as described, using Carl’s Cleaner.
Carl’s 25 should be applied to the floor by brush. Attention should be focused on the more heavily trafficked areas of the floor.
The oil should be left for approximately 30 minutes.
Buff the floor using a buffing machine fitted with a Bona Oil Pad.

Immediately afterwards remove all excess oil using a clean cloth placed underneath a pad fitted to a buffing machine.
Allow the surface to dry. Free to foot traffic for a minimum of 4 hours.
If any oil has bled back to the surface of the floor may be buffed again using just a red pad, followed by buffing with a cloth under the pad. If buffing is continued the sheen on the floor may be increased slightly.

In small residential areas Carl’s 25 can be applied with a lint free cloth by hand. Apply a small amount onto the cloth and apply a thin coat to revive the floors surface.

11 March 2010

Earth & Fire exclusive collection

Earth & Fire, the art of living, the art of flooring.

An exclusive collection of wooden floors inspired by the stillness of nature and the beauty of modern architecture. The intensity of an Earth & Fire floor lends a metropolitan nature to an environment.
The floor builds a strong foundation for a quietly luxurious design interior.
Created with passion, an Earth & Fire floor is a design object in the interior.

The modern dark colours of the exclusive Earth & Fire Collection perfectly match with both modern and classic interior designs.
Available at Woodfloors-online in a range of beautiful finishes including Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Camargue, Galapagos and Patagonia.

Vintage collection

The aged floors from the Vintage collection fit into any attractive environment.

The collection centres on the use of pure materials and natural shades. These wooden floors are like wooden floors should be, lived-in and marked.

Vintage floors call up emotions from an elegant past, evoking a sense of welcome and authenticity.
Combined with shades of grey on the walls and glossy white panelled doors, the Vintage floors are shown off to their full advantage.

10 March 2010

A new Rewmar adhesive available

Rewmar MS Polymer Hardwood Floor Adhesive system was developed in response to the demand for a professional, cost effective, high-standard flexible wood flooring adhesive that is also environmentally friendly.

It is suitable for all species of wood and for all solid substrates.

The new and improved formula is packaged in two 6kg foil pouches, in a cardboard box for easy disposal, also ensuring a longer product lifespan.
The 12kg product will cover approximately 1m² per kg of adhesive.

The new improved formula now available from woodfloors-online is the flexible wood floor adhesive Rewmar MS Polymer 16kg Adhesive. It is suitable for the installation of any wooden floor to almost any subfloor. The 16kg product will cover approximately 16m² per Kg of adhesive

NOTE: Must be applied using 6mm V notch trowel.

8 March 2010

Beautiful Balterio hardwood floor and tiles installation for north London restaurant

Jordan Andrews LTD were commissioned to supply and install a beautiful Balterio Laminate, Sapphire weathered Oak to the new seafood restaurant Thalassa in North London which opened in April 2009.
The clients specification was for a durable floor which would require as little maintenance as possible.
With the assistance of Jordan Andrews professional advise, the design team decided on the Balterio Laminate, Sapphire weathered Oak.
Jordan Andrews also supplied porcelain tiles "Rustic Coffee" in various sizes which can be seen in the restroom areas and the bar.
To compliment the tile and laminate flooring Jordan Andrews also sourced the glass mosaic to add a refined Mediterranean identity to match the restaurant ethnic food style.
The hardwood table tops, were also supplied by Jordan Andrews to specific size required. The table tops are 40mm thick solid oak, stained to clients specifications.