19 March 2010

A brand new addition to Woodfloor's online Laminate Collection

Welcome to the world of Sensa, a brand new addition to woodfloors-online Laminate collection.
All Sensa laminate flooring is produced in the heart of the German forests nearby the raw material.
This means quality first with respect for the environment.
The ranges we have available from Sensa Laminate collection are:

Sensa Natural Prestige:
Pure and authentic top notch with a real wood finish.

Sensa Urban Loft:
Trendy and unique match fitting your personality.

Sensa Traditional Vintage:
The most beautiful oak collection in the world.

Sensa Supreme Tiles:
Real and pure emotion of an authentic tile look.

15 March 2010

Extensive range of brands available at Woodfloors-Online

At Woodfloors-online we stock an extensive range of the most respected and well-known Wood Flooring industry brand names in the world, including Barlinek, Blanchon, Bona, Carls, Exterpark Decking, Festool, Heatflow, Isola, Pallmann, Powernail, Rewmar, Morrells, Technics 5, Timbermate, Unika and Weitzer Parkett, plus many more.

All of our products are trusted and tested by industry professionals, giving you the high level of quality you require for your hardwood flooring needs.

12 March 2010

Our amazing Special Offers!

First and most our latest special offer, a great saving of 31% on Solido Miami Pine laminate - It was £27.05, now it is £18.62 + VAT, basically £6.99 per m2 + VAT. A true bargain!

It is part of our special offer range.

Sensa, Solido, Miami Pine is a No V-Groove Bevel plank, 9mm thick, 195mm width and a 1290mm length and 9 planks per pack (2.26395m²).

What about the rest of our amazing special offers?

A massive saving of 45% on Acoustic White foam underlay 10m2!

Acoustic White is composed from lightweight closed cell polyethylene foam which is 100% recyclable.
The excellent thermal and sound insulating properties of this product makes this one of the best value-for-money underlays in the market.

Check the rest of our unbeatable special offers here!

Maintenance tips for oiled floors

Oiled Floors offer a unique appearance. This is produced as oil penetrates the wood and gradually cures. Instead of a surface coating, as with a lacquered floor, the wooden surface is still exposed producing a natural and warm appearance. Oil can be leached from the wood producing a ‘dry’ appearance. When this has occurred the surface can be more sensitive to spills of liquids. Fortunately, oiled floors are simple to maintain and repair which can be very useful in situations where time is limited for refurbishment and where it is not possible to remove floors from use extended periods.

There are three distinct areas which form the key to having an attractive and long lasting wooden floor.

1. Correct initial treatment. i.e. uniform saturation of the timber surface with oil.
2. Effective, regular cleaning.
3. Correct periodic maintenance using a maintenance oil.

Initial Treatment Using Bona Carl’s Oils

It is important that the wooden surface is saturated with oil during application. This is achieved by applying the correct number of coats which can vary according to timber species. After each coat has been applied the floor should be assessed. If areas develop which appear to be drier than others it indicates that a uniform level of saturation has not been attained, and further oil is needed. As a guide two or three applications would usually suffice.

It is important that following application of the oil that all the excess is removed from the wooden surface. If excess oil dries on the surface as a coating it will produce an uneven, shiny appearance. If this occurs the surface coating can be removed by treatment using Carl’s 25.

Regular Cleaning
By choosing the correct cleaning method and cleaning regularly, the time between applications of maintenance oil can be lengthened considerably. This will result in the floor looking better and will be more economical in the long term.

Suitable Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning/dry mopping
Damp mopping with Carl’s Oil
Spray buffing with Carl’s Cleaner Dry buffing

Dry mopping: Abrasive particles of grit and dirt should be removed daily. This will prevent excessive scratching to the wooden surface and minimise the production of dust. In domestic settings a vacuum cleaner/flat headed mop/broom should be used.

Damp Mopping: Once the floor is dust and dirt free any remaining stains can be removed by damp mopping using Bona Carl’s Cleaner. This can be done as and when necessary. This would be a suitable approach for floors in domestic settings. N.B A minimum quantity of liquid should be applied to wooden floors during cleaning to prevent damage.

Spray Buffing: To effectively clean large, heavily trafficked areas a spray buff system should be employed. A buffing machine should be fitted with a red or green pad (depending on the level of soiling), with Carl’s Cleaner applied with a spray bottle in the path of the machine. Cleaning pads should be changed once dirty. Dirty pads can have an abrasive effect and scratch the surface. The frequency of this procedure will be determined by the trafficking regime and usage of the floor, and should be altered accordingly. In some situations it may be required daily.

Dry buffing: Following spray buffing or reapplication of oil, the floor may be buffed with a dry, lint free cloth beneath the cleaning pad. This will raise the sheen of the floor surface slightly.

Periodic Maintenance Using Carl’s 25
When an oiled floor begins to look ‘dry’, and becomes lighter in appearance it would indicate that oil from the initial treatment has become leeched from the wood by foot trafficking and wet method of maintenance.

Now is the time to re-introduce further quantities of oil. This process can be useful for removing stubborn stains in addition to restoring the floor to its original appearance. The frequency of this process will be determined by the level of trafficking and the type of use of the floor. In a low traffic domestic setting this may be necessary once a year, or less. In a very high traffic scenario it may be necessary several times a month. Each situation is different and the frequency of maintenance adjusted according to the trafficking regime of the floor.

The floor should be thoroughly cleaned as described, using Carl’s Cleaner.
Carl’s 25 should be applied to the floor by brush. Attention should be focused on the more heavily trafficked areas of the floor.
The oil should be left for approximately 30 minutes.
Buff the floor using a buffing machine fitted with a Bona Oil Pad.

Immediately afterwards remove all excess oil using a clean cloth placed underneath a pad fitted to a buffing machine.
Allow the surface to dry. Free to foot traffic for a minimum of 4 hours.
If any oil has bled back to the surface of the floor may be buffed again using just a red pad, followed by buffing with a cloth under the pad. If buffing is continued the sheen on the floor may be increased slightly.

In small residential areas Carl’s 25 can be applied with a lint free cloth by hand. Apply a small amount onto the cloth and apply a thin coat to revive the floors surface.

11 March 2010

Earth & Fire exclusive collection

Earth & Fire, the art of living, the art of flooring.

An exclusive collection of wooden floors inspired by the stillness of nature and the beauty of modern architecture. The intensity of an Earth & Fire floor lends a metropolitan nature to an environment.
The floor builds a strong foundation for a quietly luxurious design interior.
Created with passion, an Earth & Fire floor is a design object in the interior.

The modern dark colours of the exclusive Earth & Fire Collection perfectly match with both modern and classic interior designs.
Available at Woodfloors-online in a range of beautiful finishes including Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Camargue, Galapagos and Patagonia.

Vintage collection

The aged floors from the Vintage collection fit into any attractive environment.

The collection centres on the use of pure materials and natural shades. These wooden floors are like wooden floors should be, lived-in and marked.

Vintage floors call up emotions from an elegant past, evoking a sense of welcome and authenticity.
Combined with shades of grey on the walls and glossy white panelled doors, the Vintage floors are shown off to their full advantage.

10 March 2010

A new Rewmar adhesive available

Rewmar MS Polymer Hardwood Floor Adhesive system was developed in response to the demand for a professional, cost effective, high-standard flexible wood flooring adhesive that is also environmentally friendly.

It is suitable for all species of wood and for all solid substrates.

The new and improved formula is packaged in two 6kg foil pouches, in a cardboard box for easy disposal, also ensuring a longer product lifespan.
The 12kg product will cover approximately 1m² per kg of adhesive.

The new improved formula now available from woodfloors-online is the flexible wood floor adhesive Rewmar MS Polymer 16kg Adhesive. It is suitable for the installation of any wooden floor to almost any subfloor. The 16kg product will cover approximately 16m² per Kg of adhesive

NOTE: Must be applied using 6mm V notch trowel.

8 March 2010

Beautiful Balterio hardwood floor and tiles installation for north London restaurant

Jordan Andrews LTD were commissioned to supply and install a beautiful Balterio Laminate, Sapphire weathered Oak to the new seafood restaurant Thalassa in North London which opened in April 2009.
The clients specification was for a durable floor which would require as little maintenance as possible.
With the assistance of Jordan Andrews professional advise, the design team decided on the Balterio Laminate, Sapphire weathered Oak.
Jordan Andrews also supplied porcelain tiles "Rustic Coffee" in various sizes which can be seen in the restroom areas and the bar.
To compliment the tile and laminate flooring Jordan Andrews also sourced the glass mosaic to add a refined Mediterranean identity to match the restaurant ethnic food style.
The hardwood table tops, were also supplied by Jordan Andrews to specific size required. The table tops are 40mm thick solid oak, stained to clients specifications.

4 March 2010

Hardwood floor Trims & Mouldings

We have available a wide range of Hardwood and Veneered Trims and Mouldings and Solid Wood Door Strips available to complete and complement your Hardwood Floor.

All are derived from Solid Hardwood species including Solid Wood Transition Profiles, Hardwood Flooring Ramps, Stair Nosing, Quadrants, End Profiles, Flat Strips, Pipe Roses, Reducers, Ramps, Skirtings, Thresholds, Tile Reducers and Solid Wood Scotia.

Stair nosing:

Solid Hardwood Stair Nosing is used as a finish for the step edges of hardwood stairs. It is available in Pre-Finished Lacquered and Unfinished solid wood, 15mm and 20mm.

Stair nosing 15mm is available Unfinished, Pre-Finished and Pre-Finished Lacquered.

Available in Oak, Beech, Maple, Iroko, Cherry and Walnut, 1m, 2m and 2.9m lengths.

Stair nosing 20mm is available Unfinished, Pre-Finished and Pre-Finished Lacquered.

Available in Oak, Beech, Iroko, Merbau, Maple and Walnut, 1m, 2.35m and 2.9 lengths.

Pipe roses:

Pipe Roses are an attractive and subtle solution to disguising and protecting exposed pipework and the edges of your hardwood floor.


Our Solid Hardwood Skirtings are available in Solid Oak, Walnut & Ash.
Solid Hardwood Skirtings are used to finish the edges of your hardwood floor installation. We recommend fitting your skirtings after installing the floor for a superior finish.
Available to choose in pre finished hardwood, unfinished solid wood, and veneered wood, in Solid Oak, and Veneered Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Iroko, and Maple.

Flat Strips:

Solid Hardwood Flat Strip Thresholds are used to neatly finish the edges of a new hardwood floor. Available in pre finished hardwood and unfinished solid wood.

End Profiles:

Solid Hardwood End Profiles are usually used where a hardwood floor meets a fireplace hearth or against patio doors. Available in pre finished hardwood and unfinished solid wood.

10mm available in Unfinished, Pre-Finished and Pre-Finished Lacquered, Oak and Walnut and
1m and 2.9m lengths.

15mm available in Unfinished, Pre-Finished and Pre-Finished Lacquered, Oak, Maple and Walnut, 1m and 2.9m lengths.

Wood to Tile Reducers:

Wood to Tile Reducers are used to bridge the line and height difference between your hardwood flooring and tiling or similar flooring materials. Available in Unfinished and Pre-Finished Lacquered solid Oak.


Scotia or Beading is used between the Wood flooring and the skirting to hide the expansion gap if the skirting boards are not removed for the flooring installation.
We have in stock Solid wood scotia and beading and Veneered scotia in Oak, Beech, Ash, walnut, Iroko.

Solid Wood Scotia is used to cover the expansion gap after the installation of a hardwood floor. It is used between the skirting and the floor.
Always attach the scotia to the skirting and not to the wood flooring as this can prevent the woodfloor from moving if necessary.

3 March 2010

New high end floorboard: Barlinek L'Esprit Decoration range

L’Esprit Decoration floorboard is produced from the highest class of carefully selected timbers.
The varnish hardened in the special process of dual thermal treatment, guarantees resilience and dependability.

The highly advanced technological process employed in the production of the L’Esprit Decoration brand products means you get a floor that lasts for years – with a high guarantee of quality of 50 years!

The L’Esprit Decoration line of floors offers a wide spectrum of choice for any decor.
The rich product offer encompasses everything from the noble timber of oak and ash, to exotic timber: Iroko, Jatoba, Sucupira, or Wenge.
L’Esprit Decoration
is an elite brand.

Barlinek’s NEW Elite range of flooring bring us the highest quality in floor grain they have produced. This product has been through a very thorough selection process, only allowing the premium timber to be used to construct this gorgeous floor. Barlinek ED range allows for perfection as shown by the complete absence of knots, resulting in a highly elegant floor.