12 July 2012

Why Wood Floors Online uses Bona

At Wood Floors Online we know just how important quality is when it comes to buying and maintaining your wood floor. We know that a real wood floor requires the right maintenance to get the very best out of it.

That’s why at Wood Floors Online we sell products from industry leading wood floor specialists such as Bona. They have been creating and developing products for wood floors since 1910 and have developed a leading range of products for the cleaning, treating and maintaining of wood floors.

At Bona, they focus on design and performance when developing wood floor products and are very aware that wooden floors meet different challenges during their lifetime. By constantly developing their solutions, they are able to claim a leading position in wooden floor treatment.  

Did You Know?
  • Bona’s products are sold in 20,000 retail outlets in the US, in 5,000 retail outlets in Europe, and in 2,000 retail outlets in Latin America
  • Bona Sportive System is recommended by FIBA, The International Basketball Federation, for the highest level of international competitions such as world championships and the Olympic Games
  • Over the years Bona has been a partner in treating floors all over the world, from The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg to The Los Angeles Athletic Club, from Galeries Lafayette in Paris to The House of Sweden in Washington
  • Bona Mega has become the most widely used finish in the world for wooden floors
  • Bona R850 is the world’s most selling silane-based adhesive
  • More than 1,000,000 Bona Spray Mops have been sold in the US
  • 50,000,000 square metres of floor are treated with Bona finishes each year

At Wood Floors online we supply wood floors and all the products needed to treat, clean and maintain to both homeowners and professionals.

To architects, designers and craftsmen alike, Bona is able to provide the solution whether there is a need for rapid fastening, high wear resistance or a natural look.

For example, when the maple floor at NBA’s Basket Court in the New Orleans Arena was due for refurbishment, they chose Bona Sportive System to do the job.

Bona Traffic is the toughest Bona finish for wooden floors and was specified to recoat the original oak “endgrain floor” at London’s iconic Barbican Centre.  

Based on decades of professional experience, Bona has developed a special product range for today’s floor owners, meeting demands of simplicity, health and safety. They provide solutions for all kinds of floors, whether it is indoor or outdoor, all of which can be found at Wood Floors Online.

Wooden floors are naturally beautiful, aesthetically elegant and a smart investment for a home. It can seem complicated to renovate and maintain a wooden floor, but Bona’s Step by Step instruction guides for indoor, outdoor and care ensure that there is always a helping hand throughout the process.

5 July 2012

Pros and cons of hardwood flooring

Whether you're refurbishing and looking to install wood floors or you've recently bought a home with wood floors and aren’t sure whether to embrace them or cover them, among many other reasons, it can be hard to decide if wood floors are the right choice for your home. This guide will help you determine the pros and cons of having hardwood floors.

Pros of hardwood flooring

  • Easy to maintain - Hardwood floors are durable and have stood the test of time. Homes that are more than 100 years old can still have the original flooring if they have been cared for properly.
  • Easy to clean - Hard wood floors are very easy to clean as they do not accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and debris. A weekly cleaning procedure involves vacuuming, moping and keeping the floor dry. That's it!
  • Return on investment - Choosing hard wood floors increases the value of your property. It is a great long-term investment and can actually become a strong resale argument, exceeding the initial installation cost of the floors. It also enables a faster sale and brings higher prices at the time of resale.
  • Range of styles - Hardwood flooring works with all styles of decorating, from traditional to modern. It is available in several types of woods, such as oak, cherry and walnut, and can be sanded and stained to suit the home owner’s taste. When your style changes, you also can change the look of your hardwood floors.
  • Lifespan - Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times
  • Allergies - If you've got issues with allergies, such as dust, hardwood floors can really help keep them under control. This is because hardwood floors do not collect dust and other allergens like carpeting might.

Cons of hardwood flooring

  • Vulnerable to moisture and humidity - Without taking the right precautions a wood floor can become vulnerable to moisture and humidity. This can then lead to the floor boards warping which will require further maintenance and finishing. 
  • Higher cost - Hardwood flooring is made from harvested trees and depending on how exotic the trees are will depict the pricing. Hardwood is considerably higher to buy and to install.
  • Need to re-finish - Although hardwood floors are easy to maintain, they require frequent refinishing, to ensure that their shine lasts for a long time. It is especially applicable for scuffed and scratched floors.
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